Police Panda Imp

1964 Hillman Imp Deluxe

Tel. 07973 742978

Email. [email protected]

Head 7

The Executive


'Perky' The Panda Imp

People always ask about the Imp and its details;


Supplied by Rootes

Hillman Imp Mk1 Deluxe

Registration AVK 934B

First Registered 23rd March 1964

Engine Capacity 875cc

Original Purchase Price £532.00


Burndept UHF/VHF Home Office Radio

Fainn Two Tone Police air horn siren

DS Engineering Police Roofbox

Bosch Blue Light

IMG_1920 IMG_1918 IMG_2190 SILVER & BLACK LOGO CENTRE IMG_1919 72400BA9-C5A1-4989-9071-B1F32CAEA090 IMG_2565